Sri Lanka Nature
Forests, High Land
and the Sea around
the country

A Scene from Handapangala
a prime eco location


Sri Lanka is a Nature's wonder. the little island 270 km by 140 km in size has everything a nature lover will look for. The highly diversified island differs from city to city, district to district and province to province.

Mountains, Plains, Water Falls, National parks, Sea, Beaches Rocks, Paddy fields, Tea Gardens, Rain Forests, Rivers, Landscapes, Streams all are beautiful. The Sri Lankan  nature's beauty blends in it's wild life of elephants, birds, animals, flowers and trees.

               You can discover paradise only by visiting it.. 

Nature, a heritage in Sri Lanka.
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In Sri Lanka nature is considered as sacred. The world's first Wild Life Cuntuary was created by King Devanam Piyatissa (nn B.C.) on the request of Arahath Mahinda Thero (the sun of Great King Dharmashoka) who brought buddism to Sri Lanka.

The King was on a deer hunt when he was called by his name. The King ......

The Arahath Mahinda thero adviced the King 

"Dear King .. The animal who live in the land, the birds fly in the sky, and the fish swim in the river has a right to life like you and me. As the King you are not there owner, but the protector and the rular"

The King declared the Ambasthala (Currently Mihintale) forest a wild life santuary and ordered his men and countrymen not to kill any animals in the forest.











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