Sri Lanka Nature Heritage



In Sri Lanka nature is considered as sacred heritage. It's a fact as the world's first Wild Life Centaury was established by King Devanam Piyatissa ( 207 B.C.) honoring the request made by  the Arahath Mahinda Thero (the sun of Great King Dharmashoka who introduced Buddhism to Sri Lanka).

The Arahath Mahinda thero advised the King who was on a deer hunt when they meet at Ambastala Forest.

"Dear King ..
The animal who live in this land,
the birds fly in the sky,
and the fish swim in the rivers
have a right to their life like you and me.
As the King, you are not their owner,
but the protector and the ruler"

The King declared the Ambasthala (Currently Mihintale Forest) a wild life sanctuary and ordered his men and countrymen not to kill any animals in the forest any more.




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