Sri Lanka Culture : A portrait of Traditional Heritage

Experiencing Sri Lanka Culture is a Life Time Opportunity,
Seeing and Participating in Sri Lankan Festivals is the best way to experience Sri Lanka Culture, Traditions, Life and It's People

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Sri Lanka Culture is fascinating. The Yaksha and Naga tribes Civilized before 300 B.C. using agriculture and irrigation, Nourished from Buddhism in early 2nd Century B.C. and influenced by Indian invasions and going through Portuguese, Dutch and British rule, Sri Lankan Culture is diverse like it Natural Heritage. 

Known as the Smiling People though out the world Sri Lankans enjoy a unique culture that's humble, artistic, entertaining and touching someone's heart.
The intimate connection between Sri Lankans and Buddhism as well as it's Art, Dance and Music is the fusion of life.

The European rule introduced democracy, modern education, legal and commercial system. Sri Lanka now is a mirror of it's own ancient and modern cultures diverse from it's cities to far villages.

Cultural Diversity of Sri Lankans can be explained as modern as a software developers for US corporations as well as traditional Chena farmers in Wellassa and Veddhas the Jungle people.

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