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Diabetics - Madumedhaya
Asthma - Aduma, Peenasa
Arthritis- Handi Path Rudawa


Ayurvedha which means the science of life or the Art of healthy living is focused improving well being of a person with herbal medicines and natural treatments practiced over 2500 years by the natives.

Instances can be cited even Sri Lankan Kings showed much skills as surgeons and physicians. Among the royal practitioners of Ayurvedha is King Buddhadasa (Anuradhapura 330-400 A.D.) who performed an operation of a Snake Cobra to save his life.

Today the value of Ayurvedha has been accepted by western world as a way of heal the body, mind and soul. The advantage of Ayurvedha treatments are no side effects and healing by treating the root of the cause of illness.
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