When to Go

Sri Lanka is a Round the Year Destination. Based on your interest You can seleted the time to visit. The west and southern beaches are best during Octorber to April, East Coast Beaches are best During May to Octorber. The Central Highlands are nice  and pleasently cool from December to May. The peak season falls between December to January and March to April.


Where to Go
Being a small island rich of Bio diversity and Interesting Places Sri Lanka is a Paradise of Nature and Culture. You can stay in Beach or Travel to the Center to be in Nature and to See a great Culture blending with Buddhism. You may visit places driving or make adventures for the best in Nature.
What to Do
Relax in a beach or in a Nature Location, Or make excursions to Ancient Temples Around to see Ancient Paintings, Rock and Wooden Sinhala Art and Crafts, Make expeditions to See Birds and Wild Life Habitats, Safari in National Parks to See Elepehnts, See a Cutural Shows and Pageants in your city or Near By Village, Take an Ayurveda Treatment and Meditation Course or Go Play Golf, Tennis or take a Training Course in Scuba Diving, Go Cycling, Mountaineering, Cliff Abeselling, paragliding if you like adventures. Things to do in Sri Lanka
How to Go
Take a car, coach or Mini Coach. You can take the train or use Public Transport. The public transport is crowded in early morining and evenings and day before and After Special and Long Holidays. You can also fly to Several Destinations by Air Taxi and Helicopters.
Which way to  Go
You can take several travel routes in Sri Lanka based on your Interests in Beaches, Nature, Wild Life, Culture, Heritage, and Ayurvedha. Following are 6-7 Days which you can expand to 10-14 days speding additional day at best Destinations.

 Travel Options
Culture, Heritage And Nature Tours in Any Season

Recreation, nature and Wild Life Tours (7-8 days) in Any Season

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6-7 days Plus Culture, Heritage And Nature Tours in Any Season  
  Negambo, Dambadeniya, Yapahuwa, , Dambulla, Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dimbulagala, Matale, Kandy, Pinnawala, Colombo  

Rest your First Day at Negambo Beach and Start Seeing the Sites of Cultural Trainagle immerce your self in Sri Lankas Ancient Art, Archeology sites and Nature. Stay in Dambulla, See the Rock fortress in Sigiriya and Tour to the Sacred Anuradhapura and, Mihintale.  Stay in Giritale or Minneriya. Proceed to Polonnaruwa to See the Rock Temple and many Ancient Ruins. Come South to Kandy via Matale and Spend 2 Days in Kandy.   Return to Colombo via Ppinnawala for Colombo City Excursions.

You can Add Recreation and Wild life to this tour if you have another 3-4 days
10-12 Days Plus Recreation, nature and Wild Life Tours (7-8 days) in Any Season  
  Kitulgala, Adams peack, Hotain Plains, Nuwaraeliya, Badulla, Ella, Bandarawela, Haputale, Belihuoya, Udawalawe, Yala, Tangalla, Bentota  
Map This is a Nature Lovers route starting from Kitulgala Rafting and nature, Spend a Night and rest your by the Kaleni river. Excursion to Mmakul Ella and Bird Watching in the Rain Forest. Make your Journey to Adam's peak and Climb the sacred mountain in Nature. Stay a day at Talawakale or Nuwaraeliya to Rest. Go trecking in Hotain Plains and See Worlds End and Bakers fall next day go south via badulla to Ella to Make best of Nature and Wild Adventures. Stay at Ella As long as you need. Take your drive to Udawaalawe along the mountain terrain to see Bandarawela, Haputale, Beragala Geo Divercity and Stay at Belihuloya Make Waterfall Expeditions. or Take the short cut via Wellawaya to make your Elephant Safari in the Evening. Stay at Embilipiya or Do Camping in the Udawalawe to do anothor morining Safari in Udawalawe. Next day  Goto Yala via Thanamalwila. Stay at Tissamaharama, Kirinda or do camping in Yala to Enjoy your day at Yala national park. Spend a day at Tangalle and Go to Sinharaja Rain Forest from South Side through Deniyaya or by North from ratnapura. Spend a day or Two in the Rain forest and goto Bentota for Water Sports and Kalutara Cannoeing and Biking.

You can add Scuba Diving and at Kirinda, Tangalla or bentota , Unwatuna or Hikkaduwa, if You can spend another 4-5 days.
7- 21 Days Scuaba Diving and Beach Holiday  West and South Coast (Octorber - April 10th) East Coast (May - Octorber)  
Scuba Diving


Hikkaduwa, Bentitota, Unawatuna, Tangalle, Weligama, Kirinda, Tirincomale, Arugambay
  Evey Scuba Diving Location has at least 15-20 different reefs, Wrecks and places to dive. You will make 2 dives a day and spend rest of the day surfing, sun bathing , reading, writing or doing Ayurveda. The best Places to Dive in this period are Negambo, Bentota, Beruwala, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Weligama, Tangalle and Kirinda. Arugambay, Nilaweli and Trincomalee are best Diving Locations in the East Coast.You can take a diving Course to obtain your lisence in Sri Lanka. The Open Water Course for Sea Diving Takes about 8 dives with your Trainer. The best thing about learning to dive is you will be diving on your first day.
Best would be to spend a 4-5 days at eah location if you have about 3 weeks

Srat At Negambo or Bentota and Proceed South to Hikkaduwa and Unwatuana. Hikkaduwa is a Great Location and Sea Culture also with a Night Entertainment and Pubs which makes it a great Sea, Beach, Culture, Reggie Music and Scuba Diving Location.
7 - 21 Days Beach Holiday, Relaxation and Ayurveda  
  If you think of Relaxation and Healing your body, Take an Ayurveda and Beach Holiday. You can also do special excursions around.
Beruwala and Bentota, are best Places for this Holiday. You can also goto West, South and East Coast beaches if you are only interested in Beach. The other eaches are at Hikkaduwa, Unwatuna, Koggala, Weligama and Tangalle and Mirrissa.

You can fly to Trincomalee, or Baticaloa in a helicopter or Air Taxi to visit Nilaweli, Arugambay, Pasikuada and Kalkuda Beaches. Or to Koggala for Downsouth Beaches.
7 Days Birdwatching and Nature  and Culture  
  For Someone Appreciate Nature and Culture and love birds Sri Lanka is a Great Destination. Start from Dambulla, Go to Sigiriya, Minneriya, Come down to Knukels or Kandy direct, See Udawatta kale, Proceed to Nuwaraeliya, Do Hotain Plains, and Kitulgala and Sinharaja Rain Forest.

If You have got extra 7-8 days make it to Udawalawe, Yala, Kumana, Bundala, Kalamatiya, Roomassala in Unawatuna, Bentota River and Madu River expeditions.
  Elephants and Wild Life Safaries  
  The Best would be if you have a 4wd Jeep and Camping Arranged to make the best of your safari in Sri Lanka. The Routes Suggested are less travelled and falls through Best of Sri Lanka Nature. The time you will need at least 7 days to do one section.  The route has there sections North, East and South, In all Places you can see Wild Life and Elephants in the Santuaries and Wild Life parks.

Make a Rest day as you Arrive as a hard restless safari is Ahead. Negambo,Chialw Beachs or Kurunagala would be your Choice of Rest day. Reach Dambulla and goto Habarana and to Minneriya and Gritale Wild Life Reserves. Take your Tour through Dimbulagamuwa to Wasgomuwa, Maduruoya National Parks. You can return to Colombo via Kandy or Expand your Tour to East or South.

Going South from Wasgomuwa reach Randenigala and Climb to Nuwaraeliya and Go to Udawalawe via Badulla-Ella or Bandarawela -Haputale-Beragala. Make camping at Udawalawer National Park and proceed to Yala National park.

If you wish to goto the Eastern national parks de touring From Yala Via Monaragala, Amapara, Galoya, Iginiyagala and Lahugala.and return to Colombo through Mahiyangana, Madugoda and Kandy.

Turning esat from Wasgomuwa is also a good idea to Go to Inginiyagala, Galoya and Lahugala on your way return goto Yala via Monaragala from Ampara and Goto Udawalawe and Return to Colombo via Ratnapura. If you take east tour from Wasgomuwa you will miss randenigala , Nuwaraeliya and Great

You can start your tour also from Pinnawala, Kandy, Randenigala, Wasgomuwa to Reach Dambulla, Minneriya, Giritale and Habarana.
  Sports Tours to Pay Golf, Tennis, Rugger and Cricket
  Golf  Holidays - Colombo, Kandy and Nuwaraeliya
Tennis - Colombo , Kandy and Nuwaraeliya
Major Cricket Grounds and Clubs are At Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Matara, Radella and Dambulla
Best Rugger Clubs and Grounds are in Colombo , Kandy and and Radella

If You like to spend a sports holiday you can take a Temparary Membership in Golf, Cricket, Tennis and Rugger Clubs, You can receive a Services of a coach as well as Arranage Max Fixers with your Team.

England, Australia, India, West Indies, South Africa, New Zealand, Banglasdesh Test Teams Visit Sri Lanka for Test Series and One days Tournaments. You can tour with your team as well as do excursions in rest days.
  Tea Treck and Trail  
  Travel in the Tea Plantations that grow worlds finest Ceylon Tea. These colonial times plantations are sounded by many water falls and Misty Mountains.
Start Your tour from Ratnapura Road to see Low Grown Tea Plantations and Proceed to Talawakale Tea factory Via Kitulgala via Hatton.  Goto Hotain Plains and Adams Peak. If you like Adventure make it a pint to Climb this sacred mountain among tea plantations. Go to Nuwaraeliya and drive doen to Badulla (Uva) and drive up to Bandarawela and Haputale to Reach Ratnapura and Colombo.

On this trail you will miss the Great Tea Plantations from Kandy to Nuwaraeliya. To Include Kandy in Your Trip and Start Your Tour from Kandy and Go via Gampola, Nuwaraeliya. Spend a Day at Nuwaraeliya and do an Excursion to Talawakale and Hotain Plains. Then proceed on Badula Bandarawela Road.