Sri Lanka Food and Beverages
  Sri Lankan food is based special like it's people. Most of the Sri Lankans eat vegetables. The specialty in Sri Lankan food is that same food is differently made in different regions. The Rice and curry is the main food in Sri Lanka.

An average Sri Lankan meal always consist of leaves and dry fish, and several vegetable curries. There are special food and sweets made at festivals. Most of the Sri Lankan food does not use artificial flavors and preserve the health value of the meal.

The curries come in many verities of colors and flavors nourished with Sri Lankan Spices. Most of the species has a great ayurvedic value.

The fruits are fresh and home grown. The sweets are made at home. The sea food of Sri Lanka is world famous for taste.
  Rice and Curry the main meal of Sri Lanka
  Spices of Sri Lanka with health value
  Green Leaves and Ayurvedic Food
  Fruits of Sri Lanka
  Sri Lankan Sweets made at Home
  Sri Lankan Sea Food and Inland Fish Food
  Beverages of Sri Lanka
  Western, Chinese and Indian Food in Sri Lanka
  How Sri Lankans Eat : extract from Robert Knox's Book


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