Endemic Birds in Sri Lanka
 Kandalama Bird Watching, Dambulla , North Central Province

The 55 acre forest around the Kandalama Tank which contains the hotel, has a variety of trees, some 100 years or more in age, plus medicinal plants and a rich and varied bird life. Kandalama offers one of the best bird watching opportunities in the North Central Province. Nesting at the foot of Ereulagala (696m) and Dikkandahena (618m), the Kandalama tank and the hotel are situated at the Northern end of the Knuckles mountain range and at the beginning point of the intermediate zone and the dry zone, the environs are very rich in bird life.

The diversity in habitat and the tank provides the visitors the opportunity to observe around the hotel more than 145 species, which is almost one third of the total number of bird life in Sri Lanka. This consist of arboreal, terrestrial and aquatic birds including 4 endemic birds namely Sri Lanka Spurfowl, Sri Lanka Junglefowl, Sri Lanka Grey Horn-bill, and Brown-capped Babbler. One can also see many waders and raptors including Crested Serpent Eagle, white –bellied Sea Eagle, Little and Intermediate Egrets, Eurasian Openbill and Grey Heron.

How to get there
You can reach Kandalam from Dambulla going noth from Airport
It's close to Sigiriya the the 8th Wonder Rock fortress king Kashayapa.

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Kandalama Bird Species



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