Endemic Birds in Sri Lanka
 Bodhinagala (Dombagaskanda) Tropical Rain Forest

Situated sourrounding an ancient buddist monastery, Bodhinagala is a tropical rain forest recently discovered as a one of the best bird watching locations in the island. Rich with fauna and flora you can see about 150 species of birds including several endemic birds. Leggie's Flowerpecker, Sri Lanka Spurfowl, Green Billed Coucel and Spot Winged Thrush, Sri Lanka Frogmouth, Oriental Drwarf Kingfisher. You can see wide veriety of Lizards and Butterflies which include Yamfly, Tawny Rajah, Cingalese Brushbrown. The fish species found here include Giant Domino, Smooth brested Snakehead, Horadandiya and rare Jonklaas's Loach.

How to get there
You can reach Bodhinagala from pandura passing horana and turning right before ingiriya. As well as you can reach Bodhinagala from ingiriya passing Awissawella from Colombo. If you visit Bodhinagala after you visit Sinharaja and on your way to kitulgala.

Bodhinagala Map

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Leggie's Flowerpecker


 Sri Lanka Spurfowl


Green Billed Coucel


Spot Winged Thrush


Sri Lanka Frogmouth



Oriental Drwarf Kingfisher





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