Birds in Sri Lankan Culture

In the the Sri Lankan culture Birds are very special. Almost every home in villages keeps a nest for home sparrows. They are considered as fortune when residing in your home. The most popular bird in Sri lanka is the peacock the  sacred bird of God Kataragama.

Gira Sandeshaya (Parrot Message), Hansa Sandeshaya (Swan message), Mayura Sandeshaya (Peacock Message), Salalihini Sandeshaya (Myna Message) are great ancient literature works.

There are many stories about birds, society and people. Birds were always considered as sacred and people believed that local gods travel on them.

The King Ravana story involve a wooden air craft call Dandu Monara (Wodden Peacock), in which he flew to india to abduct Seetha causing a huge war among Rama and Rawana.

Most of the Ancient flags represented symbols of birds.

Two Swans Flag
Dalada Maligawa, Kandy
Walapane Disawa Gangaramaya, Kandy
Maha Vishnu Dewala Flag Kandy

The Art and craft focused on birds

Sewul Kodiya
 Kundasale Vihare, Kandy
Birds in Kandyan Dress Birds in Sandakada Pahana
Rock Carving
Ancient temple Painting A Special Brass Kendiya Made in the Shape of Bird used in Marriage Ceramonies  

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Endemic Birds in Sri Lanka