Endemic Birds in Sri Lanka
 Bellanvila /Attidiya , Western province

This urban wetland is famous for its abundant bird life. It consists of fresh water marshes, and natural and man-made canal system. One can walk along the edge of the canals or marshlands to observe many aquatic birds including Lesser Whistling Duck, Purple Swamphen, White breasted Waterhen, Whiskered Tern, Pin tailed Snipe and Little Green Heron. Apart from aquatic birds raptors such as Brahminy Kite and Marsh Harrier can commonly observed.

How to get there
You can reach Bellanvila from Dehiwala coming from south,
If you come from Ratnapura Road turn from Wijerama or Delkanda.
From a Colombo city hotel it's about 12 km

Bellanwila Map

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Lessor Whistling Duck


Purple Swamphen


White Brested Waterhen


Whiskered Tern


Pin tailed Snipe


Little Green Heron


Bellanwila is an Ideal location for a Days Excursion from Colombo City
or From Air Port

Although You could make it by foot to many places

To see the best of go cannoning and bird watching adventure

It's unlikely you will enjoy going in a motor boat as the birds will fly away for the sound.

Using a small electric battery powered  propeller is a wonderful idea currently used by one of the top bird watching professionals in Sri Lanka.

Bellanwilla also a great habitat for fish, fauna and flora




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